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George W. Johnston to Thomas E. Bramlette

Louisville Ky Septr 2d 1863.
His Excellency
T. E. Bramlett
Dr. Sir.

The negro woman Caroline now under sentence for poisoning the child of Mr Levy; was Examined in the city ^court^ & she was held over to answer, the Testimony showing probable cause to suspect her guilty- I was not present at the final Trial & did not hear the Testimony given to the Jury. but from the Statement of the Rev. Mr McKee, of the Jailor & Several others who heard the Trial & have had an opportunity to converse with Caroline since she has been sentenced, I have become satisfied that there is to say the least great doubt of her Guilt; and that her case presents strong grounds for Executive Interference.

I. am Dr sir
Very respectfully
Geo. W. Johnston.