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Josephine Lynch, Affidavit

against } Affidavit of Mrs Josaphine Lynch
Caroline a slave, charged with the murder of Blanche child of Willis & Annie Levy

Mrs Lynch states on oath that while at Mrs Levys she told caroline to go to the Grocery & buy some tea, this was at the time that the child was a corpse & the same time alluded to in Mrs Levys testimony before the court when caroline was on trial, My Husband had a dog killed by poison in Mr Willis Levys yard. My Husband & my self saw the dog while labouring under the effects of the poison & told Mr Levy about it, & he said he poisoned it because the dog had anoyed him.

I found some poison in my yard thrown in by Mr Levy & I remostrated with him & told him that my children might get some of it I live next door to Mr Levy I am a sister to Mrs Annie Levy. Mr Willis Levy & Wife, I have heard the neighbors talk angrily about Mr Levy for Killing their dogs in his yard with poison, this I have heard a great many time.

I have been very uneasy many
time for fear that my children would get some of the poison I alwaise thought Mr Levy was very reckless about throwing out poison—

Mrs Levy told me that at the time the child died that she had in the house a water bucket full of parched coffee that was bought from the soldiers, My sister after the death of the child threw away the bucket of coffee

Mr Levy poisoned all the dogs of his close neighbors. This I know becaus the dogs died, & Mr Levy said he intended to kill them & he put out the poison to do it [. . .] He put out poison from fall to spring.

Mr Levy put out the poison every night for a great while I would think a hundred times

Mrs Josephine Lynch

State of Ky Jefferson Co

Personally appeared before me Mrs Josephine Lynch and made oath that the statements made by her in the affadavit signed by her in my presence were true. The said statements were made by affiant in my presence

Given under my hand and seal Notorial this 17th day of Septembr 1863

Jno H Talbott
Notary Public
Jefferson county Ky


I Jacob S Cave was present when Mrs Josephine Lynch made the statements contained in the above affadavit. I know her to be a lady and the Sister of Mrs Annie Levy the wife of Willis Levy and next door Neighbor of said Levy

J. S. Cave

Subscribed & sworn to before me by J S Cave this 17th day of Septr 1863

Jno H Talbott
Notary Public
Jefferson County


State of Kentucky
Jefferson County } sct

I T. Jack Conn clerk of the County Court of the County afsd certify that Jno H Talbott whose genuine signature appears to the foregoing certificates is now and was at the time of signing the Same an acting notary Public in and for said County duly Commissioned and qualified and that full faith and credit are due all his official acts as such and I further certify that I am well acquainted with J. S. Cave whose genuine signature appears to the foregoing affidavit and Know him to be a citizen of this County and full faith and credit are due to his statements he being an honorable high toned Gentleman

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of said court this 17' day of September 1863,

T. Jack Conn clk