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Teaching "Where I Now Stand"


"Where I Now Stand" is a unique collection of historical documents designed to draw connections between the past and the present. It can be used in high school or AP U.S. History classrooms, an undergraduate survey, or a topical seminar.

It is ideal for groups who want to use a historical case study to begin a dialogue about the issues facing veterans in their families and communities today and investigating solutions.

The packet includes:

  • 15 primary source excerpts
  • 3 contextualizing secondary readings
  • A document analysis guide for each source
  • A prompt for an individual or collaborative research and writing assignment

"Where I Now Stand" can be read on its own, or paired with the included primary source analysis tools and a (collaborative or individual) writing activity that encourages students to link Buffum's 150 year old case to the issues facing veterans and military families in the present.

Click here to get instant access to a free PDF copy for use in your classroom or community.